Dear All,
2020 has challenged our ways of living and making sense of the world. This year we had to rethink what we believed about our daily habits in both the private and public spheres. 
Public space has especially been questioned. Our understanding of it and the way we use it have been completely revolutionized while we are still making sense of this shift.
Rhizoma Lab would like to invite you to join the ongoing reflections on the role of public space participating in the Call for Postcards “Back to the Future of Public Space: Postcards from 2020”.
The call invites everyone to reflect upon the paradigm shift happening in our cities, observing and documenting the changing everyday praxis of inhabiting public space as well as envisioning its future.
The format of the Postcard encapsulates the idea of travelling – the very action forbidden by the pandemic. Nevertheless, our thoughts and imagination can still travel and reach far shores.
Please find attached the detailed Call for Postcards and note that the final deadline is on January 15th 2021
You can find all the information about this call also at Back to the Future of Public Space
If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us at